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The game continues after checkmate

Every time I return from a long break from blogging, I never know what else to say apart from "hey, it's been a while, but now I'm back". Most of the time when I'm away, it's because I'm busy with university. This time was no different. Compared to the first term, the second term was a lot busier, not to mention stressful, with juggling between lectures, group assignments, mini project and having a life haha. But even when second term and the exam ended, I didn't come back to blogging. To be honest, it was because I was in a state of constant worry and disappointment over my exam performance, and I didn't want to share my problems on this blog.

The year of the Rooster

The first time I went to see the Chinese New Year celebration in London China Town was three years ago with my university friends (check the post here). At the time, we only saw the lion dance and I thought that was it. Little did I know there was actually more to the Chinese New Year celebrations, and that the lion dance probably only consisted a quarter of it.