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Home sweet home

It was so lovely to be back in Birmingham because everything was familiar, like hearing the local Birmingham accent and just knowing where to go. Although I only stayed at home for one day, I was really happy because I get to see my family and I can momentarily forget about university. Mom even cooked a really nice seafood meal for me. It's funny how I took only a bag home and then I took two suitcases filled with food and clothes back to university. There was a thunderstorm during the day, but luckily by the time I came back, the thunderstorm stopped and the weather was sunny. I managed to capture a picture of the rainbow just as I came out of the train station.

So far, room swapping to Kingswood II doesn't seem very likely since I can't find anyone to swap with. Nevermind, I love my room and the people here are nice. Also, I got my first practical report back, the class average was 70% and I got 83%! Haha I sound like such a nerd.

"Some people say home is where you come from. But I think it’s a place you need to find, like it’s scattered and you pick pieces of it up along the way."


  1. Mhmmm homemade seafood meal by mum! That's sounds
    delicious c: and congratulations with that 83% grade!! Xx

    1. It was so delicious :P
      And thank you ^_^

  2. You're a smarty pants. Haha. Congratulations for ranking first. Keep it up, :D


    1. Ahaha I'm not really a smarty pants but thank you ^_^

  3. Hello, I'm Anastasia. I love your home. It's so beautiful. And I love reading your blog :)