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031-042 / Obey all the rules and miss all the fun

I'm still really behind on my lecture notes and I should go to sleep now, but I thought I'll update my blog because I'm in a good mood. Partly because Wesley is coming over tomorrow (or today since it's past midnight) and partly because this week has been relatively stress free and good. For instance, for one of my modules, we were assigned into groups of 4 for a poster presentation. Luckily for me and two friends, we were assigned in the same group, while my other friends were all split up haha. Also, luckily the remaining member of the group is a nice hard working guy and the research paper chosen isn't too difficult to understand (though it's rather long with 37 pages).

Anyway, that was a very brief recap of my week and here are pictures for the week before reading week. That week was a rather stressful with practical report deadlines, so I mostly stayed at home doing work, which was not fun at all. But following this, I had an amazing, fun few days with my Wesley, which I'll talk about in my next post.

"The sun never stops shining, sometimes you just have to look beyond the clouds to see it"

Day 31
Sat 31st Jan: Blurry future.

Day 32 Sun 1st Feb: Practical reports...

Day 33 Mon 2nd Feb: Turning into a night owl...

Day 34 Tues 3rd Feb: It snowed that day, but it didn't last long and all the snow had melted by the afternoon. Shame I didn't take a photo of my uni covered in snow because I was rushing to go to lectures :(

Day 35 Wed 4th Feb: I wish I had a carefree mood like this bear.

Day 36 Thurs 5th Feb: Cooked rice noodles which is one of my favourite foods.

Day 37 Fri 6th Feb: Had to go to the post office to collect my text book. Uni text books are so expensive...

Day 38 Sat 7th Feb: Tomato, egg and sweetcorn rice cooked in the rice cooker. So convenient and yummy.

Day 39 Sun 8th Feb: I finally passed a level that I was stucked on, but then I was stuck on the next level. Now I have deleted the game, partly because I need to focus on uni work, and partly because I'm still stuck on that level.

Day 40 Mon 9th Feb: I brought this drink because of the glass, but it's a nice drink too.

Day 41
Tues 10th Feb: Had a plant practical that day. I didn't think it was possible to take pictures of the microscope using a phone, but it worked. This picture is so pretty, it looks like a planet.

Day 42Wed 11th Feb: An unusual 10p coin.

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