Don't fear moving slowly, fear standing still

Oct 6, 2013
Yesterday, I had such a fun day out with my friends who live in Kingswood. In the morning, we went to the badminton society try out session at the sports centre for fun. Seriously, the walk to the sports centre is already enough exercise for the day because it's far. Anyway, everyone was so competitive, which is understandable since people wanted to be on the team, but there's no need to smash every hit.

Afterward, we met up to go to Staines to do some shopping and we checked out various shops in the mall. Then, it was time to eat. At first, we wanted to go to Nandos, but the waiting time was half an hour, so we went to Frankie and Benny's instead. We stupidly forgot to ask for tap water, so we got still water and it was expensive (£2.45). We ordered two pasta, one pizza, and a meat platter to share amongst the group. We caught the train back to Egham and walked to Kingswood. Seriously, the walk to Kingswood was scary and dark due to the lack of street light; it felt like I was walking into a black hole haha. Finally, I got the chance to visit Kingswood II and the place is pretty good. I kind of wish I lived there; I mean it's not as beautiful as Founders, but everyone living there seems to be sociable.

That evening, we walked to the Carters Steam Fair, which was about a 10 minutes walk. Don't know what the ride was called, but two friends and I sat in the carriage which spun so fast, and it was excitingly scary. Next, we sat on the swings and the ride was relaxing and amazing, especially with the fireworks display going off at the same time. Lastly, we watched the wall of death show and I was amazed by the motorbike skills. Finally, we walked back to Kingswood and played cheat and omg the game was never ending haha.

"People rarely succeed unless they have fun in what they are doing."

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