Home sweet home

Oct 21, 2013
It was so lovely to be back in Birmingham because everything was familiar, like hearing the local Birmingham accent and just knowing where to go. Although I only stayed at home for one day, I was really happy because I get to see my family and I can momentarily forget about university. Mom even cooked a really nice seafood meal for me. It's funny how I took only a bag home and then I took two suitcases filled with food and clothes back to university. There was a thunderstorm during the day, but luckily by the time I came back, the thunderstorm stopped and the weather was sunny. I managed to capture a picture of the rainbow just as I came out of the train station.

So far, room swapping to Kingswood II doesn't seem very likely since I can't find anyone to swap with. Nevermind, I love my room and the people here are nice. Also, I got my first practical report back, the class average was 70% and I got 83%! Haha I sound like such a nerd.

"Some people say home is where you come from. But I think it’s a place you need to find, like it’s scattered and you pick pieces of it up along the way."


  1. Mhmmm homemade seafood meal by mum! That's sounds
    delicious c: and congratulations with that 83% grade!! Xx

  2. You're a smarty pants. Haha. Congratulations for ranking first. Keep it up, :D

    1. Ahaha I'm not really a smarty pants but thank you ^_^

  3. Hello, I'm Anastasia. I love your home. It's so beautiful. And I love reading your blog :)


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