If music be the food of love, play on

Apr 6, 2014
Last Friday, my friends and I went to JRC Global Buffet in Ilford to celebrate Fia's 21st birthday. I must mention an annoying incident that took place beforehand. The lady at the train ticket office was extremely rude and annoyed at us, even though we should be the one being annoyed at her for giving us the wrong tickets to Guildford (omg we repeated Ilford at least 10 times) and we missed our train. Anyway, the food at the buffet was amazing, the quality and range of food were superb. I didn't have many desserts because I was too full from the main, which was a shame since the dessert looked really nice. Unfortunately, my family can't try out JRC Global Buffet since their branches are in London/Cardiff, but we can try out their sister restaurant Cosmo one day, which is in the West Midlands.

I didn't take many pictures that day because I was so exhausted, maybe from doing practical reports/revision earlier that week. Good news is that I got 92% from the test last week. The class average was 56% and only 5 people were in the 90% region. I'm super happy about it, but right now revision for the final exams is going quite badly, which makes me slightly depressed sigh...

"So long as you have food in your mouth, you have solved all questions for the time being"


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