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Last Tuesday, instead of attending a careers day organized by my department, I joined with Ida and Mandy to visit Brighton. Normally train tickets cost £30 each person, but with the group save offer, our train tickets only cost £20 each. The train journey was one hour and a half, and by the time we reached Brighton, we were all really hungry, me in particular since I skipped breakfast. I should learn to go to sleep early so I can wake up in time, but I always sleep late and wake up late, which eventually leads me rushing to do things. Anyway, one of the main purposes of this trip was to try out the Regency restaurant, which serves seafood and fish. Mandy and I ordered risotto, whilst Ida ordered spaghetti, and we all shared a deep fried seafood platter. I wish we weren't on a student budget, meaning we could order more tasty seafood. The service was friendly, one waitress even used Mandarin to greet us, which made us feel welcome. The only thing I didn't like is the lack of space, but it's not a big issue, considering the atmosphere, food, and service were lovely, not to mention the convenient location on the seafront.

The other main purpose of this trip was shopping. I brought a denim dress, which was the result of getting bored of waiting for Ida and going to the fitting room too. One thing I love about Brighton is the taxi; it's so colourful with the blue and white colour combo, unlike the ordinary black taxi. Ended the day with a steak meal deal in the Bright Helm. Funny thing how before we passed a particular noodle shop at least six times, and each time we would stop and look at the menu, but then proceeded to leave with the reason "we can have this in Hong Kong later".

Tomorrow is the provisional pass/fail list and I'm really nervous. For now, I shall occupy my time packing my stuff ready to go home on Thursday!

"Never say 'no' to adventures. Always say 'yes,' otherwise you'll lead a very dull life."


  1. Will visit Big Ben soon.. I'm so excited on this Europe tour me and my hubby are planning for my birthday!

  2. Mamma mia, that looks de-li-cious! I love seafood pastas ^^

    1. Shame I didn't try the seafood pasta, but the seafood risotto tasted nice too, you should try it ^^

  3. Ohh wow, all that Italian food looks delicious! Whenever I see pictures of Brighton they're only really of the beach, so it's nice to see another side to it :)

    1. Definitely agree that it's nice to see another side of Brighton! Shame I didn't capture much of it. Hehe check out my next post for the beach :P


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