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Nov 25, 2014
This year, my birthday was full of surprises. My first surprise was during lunch time when my course mates celebrated my birthday with a sponge cake and virtual candles. I thought most of my course mates had already left so I didn't expect to see them, but turns out that they were hiding behind the chairs. My second surprise was during the evening when Wesley told me he was outside my house. This was my biggest surprise because I expected him to come on Friday since I didn't want him to skip any lectures. But apparently to my friends, it was quite obvious he was going to come on my birthday since he's such a good boyfriend. My final surprise was how most of the birthday gifts had a hello kitty theme. I really enjoyed my birthday this year, especially how my friends and my boyfriend were able to come to my birthday meal where we ate good food and had a good chat.

Wesley stayed for almost a week before heading back to his university on Sunday. We didn't do much on the weekdays since I had lectures and volunteer meetings. Also, it was raining most of the time so staying at home and watching movies was for the best. On Saturday, we went to Covent Garden since it was a good day going out to London and the weather was lovely. It was my first time in Covent Garden and I absolutely loved the place. It's an interesting place to shop, eat tasty food and see street performers. For lunch, we went to Shake Shack and had Shackburger and cheese fries, which tasted amazing and I absolutely loved it. Whilst waiting in the queue, we tried mulled wine, which I surprisingly liked probably because it was a warm sweet drink perfect for a cold day. Afterward, we toured around Covent Garden, visited market stalls and even saw reindeers.

For dinner, we proceeded to go to Flat Iron. Flat iron has a good queueing system where you'll receive a text message once it's your turn so you don't have to physically queue and wait. The location was convenient since Carnarby street was located very close by, meaning we could shop whilst we wait. For us, the waiting time was less than an hour, but waiting times can get very long especially when it's busy. I didn't like the communal seating and how the space inside was small and dark. I enjoyed the steak and I thought it was great value for money, but unfortunately the same thing can't be said for the sides. Nevertheless, I would probably visit again and recommend it to others because a £10 steak cooked really well is a deal hard to resist.

"All this was new to me. Life takes us by surprise and orders us to move towards the unknown, even when we don't want to and we think we don't need to."

Street performer - Mr Bean.

Street performer - Performing some dangerous trick.

Covent Garden inside.

Shake Shack. Food: 5/5, Price: 4/5, Service: 3/5, Atmosphere: 4/5

Shake Shack Burger.


Covent Garden outside.

Carnarby street with Christmas and Movember decorations

Carnarby street food court.

Flat Iron. Food: 4/5, Price: 4/5, Service: 3/5, Atmosphere: 3/5


  1. Happy Birthday for the other day! That Mr Bean impersonator is so good! And also your photos are really great!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Awwww thank you for your comment! Yes, I agree - he looks and acts just like Mr Bean :)


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