001 / The beginning

Jan 1, 2015
Thurs 1st January: Happy 2015! New year, new diary and the start of project 365 :)

Out of the five new year's resolution I made to myself last year, I would say that only one was successful, which was volunteering as part of the community action team. Although I made a fair attempt on the other four resolutions, I wouldn't classify them as successful since more could have been done, but I wouldn't classify them as unsuccessful either since I did try my best.

This year, I'm only setting myself one new year's resolution, which is to complete a 365 photo project. I was influenced by a friend who took a photo every day in 2014 and posted it on Facebook. I admired her effort and achievement in doing this project, but I was especially inspired by her words: "Every day may not be good but there is something good in every day". So this project will not only improve my photography skills, but it will also encourage me to appreciate the little things in life. Let's see how well this goes. What is your new year's resolution?

I want to make 2015 a better year than 2014, but I can already see my first obstacle, which is the revision for the January exam. To end, I wish everyone a happy new year!

"Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow."


  1. I love that quote about something good in every day! There is no way I am motivated enough to do a 365 photo challenge, phew, but I can't wait to see how you go!
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

  2. Love that quote from your friend! I would love to do a 365 project but oh my gosh I just know I would fail... I guess I should at least try! Good luck with your project and I hope you have an amazing 2015 :)


    1. Haha you never know if you don't try and thank you :)


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