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Jan 18, 2015
The first two weeks of 2015 was horribly spent revising and stressing for an exam. Luckily, my revision (and stress) did not go to waste as the exam went okay. I knew how to answer all the questions I selected and the topic I skipped didn't come up. I have seven exams this summer and I know that taking the last minute revision approach will not work. I can't afford to fail, so in the coming months, I'll be busy revising as well as trying to balance other aspects of my life, such as love, friends, family, volunteering etc. Oh, the joys of being a university student!

During my revision, I still managed to continue with project 365. My favourite photo is the one with the key. I was struggling with the manual focus since I didn't have a spare hand as I was holding the key in one hand and the camera in the other, but the final outcome turned out great.

"There is a driving force more powerful than the steam, the electricity and the atomic energy: the will."

Fri 2nd January: Features the bear Wesley gave to me as a Christmas present and my brother's new glasses, which I collected earlier that day.

Sat 3rd January: It's been a while since I wore contact lens and I had to wear them that day since I had a contact lens check up due.

Sun 4th January: Packed my suitcase to go back to university. This picture is actually misleading because I added a lot more things later on that evening.

Mon 5th January: Came back home and found a lovely postcard from Maria, which was a pleasant surprise especially after a hectic day coming back.

Tues 6th January: The landlord came to our house to test a set of keys. The only key that works in my room is the key I'm holding above and using now.

Wed 7th January: What my desk looked like for the past week or so.

Thurs 8th January: Forgot I had chocolates hidden in my drawers. Chocolates are a great accompaniment and a necessity to revision.

Fri 9th January: Ordered a new bag from ASOS. This will serve as my everyday uni bag and make me feel like I'm in year 7 again.

Sat 10th January: Ordered dungarees from ASOS. I couldn't take an interesting picture of the whole piece, but I was able to take an interesting picture of the pockets featuring the white tiger. Shame I can't wear it until the weather gets warmer.

Sun 11th January: I didn't do anything special that day apart from revising, so I took a picture of the secret santa gift I got for Mandy. Unfortunately the gift didn't arrive on time for the secret santa's gathering last term, hence why it was still here.


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