047 / The man who never lived and will never die..

Mar 29, 2015
Term has finally ended and all that's left is revision for the final exams. Last year, the second year biomedical science students had a horrible exam timetable with 8 back-to-back exams within two weeks, so I expected my exam timetable to be the same. Thankfully my exam timetable is spread out within a month with 2 exams per week. Before I start the dreaded revision, I'm going to take a break by visiting Wesley for a few days. I thought I'll update this blog about visiting the Sherlock Holmes' exhibition and museum back in February before I leave.

I noticed a poster at the train station about a Sherlock Holmes' exhibition and I suggested to Wesley that we should visit both the Sherlock Holmes' exhibition and museum one day. We first went to the Sherlock Holmes - the Man Who Never Lived and Will Never Die exhibition at the Museum of London. The exhibition uses film, photography, paintings as well as original Victorian-era artifacts to recreate the atmosphere of Sherlock's London. You can find out more about the author and Sherlock Holmes' character, especially how it's been interpreted over the years. It's a very interesting exhibition and it's the first major exhibition in more than 60 years, so I strongly recommend to go before it closes on the 12th of April. Next, we visited the Sherlock Holmes Museum in Baker Street. Here you see Holmes apartment filled with life-size waxworks and memorabilia. In comparison to the exhibition, I didn't enjoy the museum very much because you don't really get an insight about Sherlock Holmes and it's more of a tourist attraction for people to take pictures.

"The world is full of obvious things which nobody by any chance ever observes."

Brunch at Patty&Bun near Liverpool street. Food: 4.5/5, Price: 4/5, Atmosphere: 4/5, Service: 4/5.

 The man who never lived and will never die...

The entrance to the exhibition was hidden behind a book of shelves, which was cool.

Sherlock Holmes film posters.

Sherlock Holmes as a consulting detective.

We looked at the Paddington bear exhibition too at the Museum of London.

Sherlock Holmes Museum.

To be honest, I prefer the souvenir shop over the museum, there's so much interesting souvenirs.

Sherlock Holmes thinking deep.


  1. Love it! I wish I could have gone to the Sherlock exhibition! I am such a Sherlock fan over so many different mediums.
    I only just watched Paddington the other day too and adored it. What a cutie.
    Tegan xx - Permanent Procrastination

    1. Awww I'm sure you will be able to see a Sherlock exhibition one day since it's so popular :)


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