Jump off the cliff and build your wings on the way down

Jul 26, 2015
My last outing with Wesley in June was in Brighton. We walked to the pier and we ate some fresh seafood on the way. We didn't spend too much time at the pier; we walked from one end to the other through the arcade, and only stopped briefly to take photos. I wanted to stay in the arcade for much longer to play the basketball game, but it was taken over by a group of teenagers who didn't seem to want to finish anytime soon.

My boyfriend suggested that we go to Seven Sisters and then come back later to the arcade. To go to Seven Sisters, you can take the coaster bus 12, 12A or 12X. According to the bus website, it's one of the most scenic routes in all of England, but unfortunately, I slept throughout the journey both ways because I was so tired. Once we arrived Seven sisters, we followed the national park pathway, and it funnily reminded us of DofE. It was so relaxing and beautiful at the top of the cliff, and I will definitely come back here again. The return journey was rather amusing. There was no bus for almost two hours, and whenever a bus passed by, it said out of service. The tourists waiting were obviously not happy, and were complaining about the lack of punctuality in England, something which Wesley and I are used to already. Whilst waiting, we spoke to a local and they said that the buses usually arrive on time, so I guess we were unlucky that day.

I'm in Hong Kong right now. This blog will go on another long break until September, partly due to my lack of planning in scheduling posts and partly because I don't have my laptop with me to blog in Hong Kong. Have a great summer!

"The greatest risk is really to take no risk at all. You've got to go out there, jump off the cliff, and take chances."

The owner of the seafood stall told us to beware of the seagulls, who might steal our food, which I can see why since the food was delicious.


*What are you staring at?*

 Seven Sisters

Seven Sisters

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