Whenever you fall, pick something up

Dec 31, 2015
The last post of the year is dedicated to my trip to Winter Wonderland and skating experience at Somerset House with Wesley. Ever since I started university, I always go to Winter Wonderland since it's a great place to wander about and I love the festive atmosphere there. The Winter Wonderland this year was much better than last year, as there was a decorative arch and many new rides (although expensive) added on this year.

We had dinner at Abeno Too, a Japanese restaurant. We ordered Okonomiyaki and Omsoba, and the food tasted amazing. Although the food was slightly expensive, I still recommend this restaurant because of the cozy atmosphere and the unique experience of having Japanese food cooked in front of you.

After dinner, we went to Somerset House to go ice skating. I can see why Somerset House is a popular choice to go ice skating because the place is absolutely beautiful. In fact, when we tried to book the ice skating tickets two weeks in advance, most of the sessions had already been taken. I didn't worry about ice skating because I already went ice skating at a volunteering social a few days ago and Wesley is a pro at ice skating. I really enjoyed my time ice skating, most likely because I didn't fall at all, and of course, it's a fun thing to do during winter.

"What good is the warmth of summer, without the cold of winter to give it sweetness."

Favourite entertainment in Winter Wonderland. Unfortunately no one managed to beat the bar when I was there :(

Abeno Too. Food: 4/5, Price: 3/5, Atmosphere: 4/5, Service: 4/5. 

Our session was the last session of the night, so no pictures with people in it.

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