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Jan 10, 2016
I have very mixed feelings towards 2016. In one way, I'm not particularly looking forward to it, well at least the first half of the year with completing third year. In another way, I am looking forward to it, mostly the second half of the year because of new plans. At this moment in time, my life is rather unpredictable from graduation onwards. I have plans on studying Masters but nothing is set in stone yet since I haven't applied yet. By graduation, my plan on studying a Masters should be all set and I'm looking forward to how that turns out in the end.

This year, I'm setting myself a new year's resolution, which is to blog every week, possibly every Sunday. This way I can continue my passion for blogging and photography. I can also use it as a stress reliever by writing things that went good or bad during the week or anything random. I'm really determined to complete it, not only because I failed last year's resolution, but it'll also be an interesting read.

New year comes with a new diary, as shown below. I actually brought this at the kikki.K store in Hong Kong in summer since at the time there was no store in the UK. But now I can actually buy from London in Covent Garden, which I'm absolutely happy about. The diary is A5 sized with monthly and weekly views and has additional features at the back such as notes and lists. As a quote lover, the best thing for me is how every week has a quote. Also, if you haven't noticed, the new year also comes with a new blog layout, which I changed last night instead of working on my essay haha.

The first week of January has been very stressful with working on an essay that has been very confusing. I can foresee the rest of January to be the same as I have other assignments due in. Tomorrow I'm going back to university. The dangerous thing about staying at home for a month for the Christmas break is the feeling of not wanting to go back to university but you have to. It's scary to think how the next 6 months will be the last time I'll be studying at my university and how stressful it'll be with completing third year. To end, I wish everyone for a great year ahead!

"Each happiness of yesterday is a memory for tomorrow"

I only add special things on the monthly overview like assignment deadlines and any upcoming events. So far, just deadlines here...

This term, I have Mondays and Tuesday off yay! But I do have early morning lectures for the rest of the week.

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