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Like a wild flower; she spent her days, allowing herself to grow, not many knew of her struggle, but eventually all; knew of her light.

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All the light we cannot see

It's been such a long time, but I'm back to blogging. The past couple of months that I've been away has been the most difficult period of my life. The most heartbreaking of all was the loss of my grandma. To witness the death of someone close to you, to grasp the realisation that they will no longer be here, and to know how life is so fragile really tore me apart for a while. An intense period of revision and exams kept me somewhat preoccupied from the grief. However, during this time, I was also plagued by self doubt regarding my exam performance.

There was some positive things that emerged. During my period of grief, I had the support of my friends and I'm truly grateful for that. All that exam stress did eventually pay off, as last week I found out I got a 2:1 for my degree classification. Also, things began to be better in June and that month I had great fun, such as going to summer ball, going to Barcelona with my friends and spending time with my boyfriend, all of which helped keep my mind off negative things. Now that I'm relatively free and relieved, I figured I will start blogging again.

In other news, UK held a EU referendum and the result was to leave. There is a lot to be said on this issue. Simply put, I am disappointed by the results and the xenophobia exhibited by some people. The future of the UK may look bleak, but at this stage, it's important to focus on what we can do next and to stay positive.

"You cannot make yourself feel something you do not feel, but you can make yourself do right in spite of your feelings."


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