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Jul 20, 2016
Last week was a special week for myself and many other Royal Holloway final year students. It was graduation week! My graduation took place on Tuesday morning at 10.30am. That day, my family, my best friend and I set off at 5am to my university. Why so early? Well, 1) it's a two hour journey, 2) we wanted to avoid traffic and 3) we had to arrive early to get ready. This is the downside of choosing a university so far away from home. There was an alternative way, which was to go and stay in Egham the day before, but we ignored that idea. Whether or not that decision was wise is doubtful, as by the end of the day everyone was so tired from waking up so early, but at the same time we certainly saved money from booking accommodation.

Thank you to my best friend and my boyfriend for being my photographer that day :) 

Fellow Biological Science graduates 

After arriving and taking photos, my guests and I went separate ways. My guests went to get seated in the Picture Gallery and the Church Chapel (they were separated since all the tickets ran out for the Church Chapel), whilst I got ready with the other Biological Science graduates in the Windsor Building. We were aligned according to our degrees and in alphabetical order. Luckily I had Alice beside me, so I wasn't alone. Someone gave us a set of instructions for the ceremony: give your name card, wait to be called, shake hands with the principal, collect the scroll and walk away. He told us not to worry and to just look at the person in front of you if you were unsure. Lucky I'm not the first one to set the example haha.

When it was time, we began to walk from the Windsor Building to the Founders Building. We walked through the Picture Gallery and the Church Chapel and then went outside to wait for our turn at the ceremony. Honestly, I don't remember what happened when it was my turn, except that I was feeling really nervous. I remember thinking afterward "did I shake the principal's hand (I did as confirmed by the professional photograph) and feeling awkward as I walked out with all the guests watching (introvert problems).

My awkward face.

It really sucked how the weather that day was not that great with the pouring rain, which made taking photos a difficult task. Funnily enough, this week, the weather was hot and sunny (a rare occasion for British summer weather). We can't control the weather, but we can make the most of what we can. We made use of the time when it didn't rain before the ceremony and whenever it stopped raining afterward. Also, personally I'm not a photogenic girl, so taking photos of me was already a difficult task haha.

Anjalee graduating on the same day as me and Yong Xue but with an English degree!

Natalie, who's practically my sister :)

Over the past three years, I have met so many wonderful people, learned so much and grown as a person. So what happens now?
Next stop: Masters at Imperial College London.

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