The game continues after checkmate

Jul 2, 2017

Every time I return from a long break from blogging, I never know what else to say apart from "hey, it's been a while, but now I'm back". Most of the time when I'm away, it's because I'm busy with university. This time was no different. Compared to the first term, the second term was a lot busier, not to mention stressful, with juggling between lectures, group assignments, mini project and having a life haha. But even when second term and the exam ended, I didn't come back to blogging. To be honest, it was because I was in a state of constant worry and disappointment over my exam performance, and I didn't want to share my problems on this blog.

To take my mind off the exam, I decided to keep myself busy. One thing I did was watch "Misaeng", a Korean drama that follows the everyday life of a group of co-workers in their twenties who started their job at a big multinational company. The characters, the storyline and the cinematography were incredible. For me, the real beauty of this drama is the uplifting message it was trying to bring across ("we are not alone in our struggles" and "the small victories in our lives matter and contribute to the final win") and the use of Baduk musings to draw analogies to important life lessons. For example, the Baduk saying "even if you lose a stone, the game goes on" parallels the idea of "misaeng" (literal translation: incomplete life) and that our lives are a work in progress and the only way is go forward.

It's so easy to get trapped of thinking your future is over when you got a bad result or when you haven't performed as well as you wished to. As students, we are taught to work towards our exams and our future hinges on it. So, we are pressured to get excellent grades. But, sometimes we fail to realize that exam results don't define our life. By this, I don't mean to say that exams are not important, but more to say there is all kind of opportunities out there, and ultimately it is up to us (our attitude and mindset) to define our life.

To cut the long story short, at the end of May, I was happy and relieved to find out that I passed the exam element of my degree :) Now dissertation is the only thing stressing me out, but I'll talk about that another time. For now, I'm sharing some pictures I took at the teamLab's "Transcending Boundaries" exhibition back in March, since the mood fits with this post. I didn't manage to take a lot of photos back then because the time slot was only 10 minutes. But it was a really interesting immersive art experience and I would love to check out another teamLab's exhibition in the future.

"Moving on is being able to look back without needing to reach back"

This artwork continuously changes depending on your interaction with the installation. So when you are still, more flowers are born and simultaneously bloom. But when you move, the flowers begin to wither, die and fade away. I left my bag to one side and surprisingly it created a really nice effect.

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