Do what you can, with what you’ve got, where you are

Nov 12, 2017

The internal dialogue begins with questions like “Where is my career going?” “Who am I supposed to be?”, and the always popular, “What am I going to do with my life?” But is this really fair? Are you supposed to have it all figured out? Exactly what should we be saying to ourselves at 23? - The Everygirl

It's been a while since I celebrated my birthday with my family. For the past few years, I would celebrate it with my boyfriend and my friends at university. Funny how my mom commented that I don't need a birthday cake anymore, but I insisted on having one. No birthday is complete without a cake!

Turning 23 marks an important point in my life. I am no longer a university student and I'm about to enter this 'adult' working life. There's a lot to figure out, so I want to set myself birthday goals this year and see what I have achieved on my next birthday.
  1. Career: Get my first job, somewhere I can learn and grow.
  2. Wellness: Be healthy both physically and mentally.
  3. Passion: Build on my interests, namely blogging, photography, and learning Korean.
I'm aware these goals are quite broad and vague, but I wanted to give myself some flexibility and see how things turn out. To the question at the end of the above quote, my answer would be "Believe in yourself".
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