Things never happen the same way twice

Jan 6, 2018
My last trip to Winter Wonderland was rather eventful. Anjalee, Yong Xue and I decided to have lunch at Liverpool Street before meeting up with Maria when she finished work. Because we had lunch quite late and not to mention the traveling time, we couldn't make it in time to Hyde Park station for 3pm, and so we rescheduled for 3.45pm instead. Unfortunately, Maria left her phone at home, so she didn't get the message. Once we realized this, we tried to get to there as soon as possible (we actually arrived there at 3.45pm), and tried looking for her but to no avail. It turns out we must have just missed each other as Maria waited at the station until 3.45pm before heading back into Hyde Park.

The funny (or not so funny) thing is that a similar incident happened back in the final year of university. In this case, Maria's phone had died and she waited at the dessert place (where we were supposed to meet up), but we were waiting for her at Yong Xue's flat instead.

Things never happen the same way twice. Perhaps in life, we could be in the same situation as before, but the outcome will be a bit different. There's always something that changes, whether it's ourselves, the people, or other circumstances. Winter Wonderland is more or less the same each year. But, every time I go, the experience is always different. After knowing Maria is safe, the three of us decided to go to Winter Wonderland after all. Here are some photos of that day.

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